Salam MSAers! Salaam! It is that time of the year where a new EC board must be elected to bring the MSA at UK to unprecedented heights! Here are the potential nominees! Read their campaigns!

President Nominee:

Saadia Akhtar

"Serving on the board this past year, I have seen firsthand how the MSA is run and what duties the president has. I believe I have the vision, dedication, and creativity to continue to make the MSA great and provide meaningful experiences for Muslims on UK's campus. I have a clear vision as to where I want the MSA to go, which y'all will find out if you come to elections and listen to my speech"

Vice President Nominees:

Muneeb Haroon

I can develop good and meaningful relationships quickly with incoming, younger students. Plus, I have had time and opportunity to learn from those ahead of me regarding both the spirit and workings of the MSA. This combination of personality and experience makes me well-suited to work with current and future MSA leaders. I have both experience and solid working relationships with current leaders, and I'm confident I can establish similarly positive relationships with whoever is elected in the upcoming cycle.

Bilal Shaikh

"Already kinda sorta on the board and I was asked by an anon source already on the board"

Chief of Staff Nominees:

Habiba Ahmed

I have had the privilege of being a member of the MSA since I was a freshman and have served on the Community Outreach, PR, and Refugee Gala Planning committees. As a committee member, I have observed firsthand the amount of work, passion and dedication it takes to facilitate an organization like the MSA. With this in mind, I hope to serve the MSA as chief of staff this coming term. I believe that I would be a good candidate for this position because not only am I very familiar with and passionate about the MSA, I have always been extremely organized in my work and have prior experience (via my roles in other organizations) taking meeting notes, booking rooms, filling out forms/ documents, and other secretarial tasks. I am confident that my professional strengths would cater to the responsibilities of this position and I hope to be a consistent and reliable support to all members of the Executive Board in this capacity.

Nimer Abualsoud

Cause I'm just a boss

Treasurer Nominee:

Ibraheem Murtaza

I believe I am a good candidate for Treasurer of the MSA for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I understand the importance of this position and how it isn’t just limited to brainstorming ways to make money for the MSA to run but to also be smart and efficient about managing the money. This can mean choosing what events get money over others, or how much we give to certain events over others. Secondly, I believe I will actively engage in setting up fundraising events for the MSA to generate the most money possible, not only just during Eid or Ramadan. I have been to Islamic Center of Lexington, Masjid Bilal, as well as routinely to Southside Musallah. I plan on trying to make the MSA some money by reaching out to the different members of the mosques. Even back where I live in owensboro, many of my community members may be interested in making money for the MSA. Lastly, I have spent time talking to the past Treasurer to learn more about this position so I believe I will be well prepared for this position too.

Social Chair Nominee:

Haris Ali

I believe I am responsible and well-oriented, and I'll be ready to come up with creative ideas. I am willing to continue our tradition of previous social events as well as creating possibilities of new events in the future. If there's any other help that might be needed, I'll be there.

Community Service Chair Nominees:

Eman Ghoneim

I believe I am a good candidate for this position because I am very passionate about service to the community; whether it be UK's community or Lexington, I want to be a part of it. Providing service and helping those in need is such a big part of our Deen, and I am certain I will be able to find new service opportunities UKYMSA can be a part of. The Share Center, God's Pantry, and other places we've been involved in in the past are all great, but there's so much more we can do to give back.

Hoda Shalash

Our faith is a faith of action. I would like to offer service and use the common good in them to unite us to make a positive change in this world that is full of injustice, poverty, and discrimination. I am very passionate about giving service to others and creating community through doing so. I have lots of experience with community service and engagement.

Campus Out Reach Nominee:

Coming Soon....


Public Relations Chair Nominee:

Izah Ahmed

I was on the PR committee this past year and am good with social media.

Halaqa Chair Nominee:

Hina Iqbal

I am organized and aim for consistency with my work. I would apply the same methodology with this chair position by having consistent halaqas. These efforts would ultimately be centered towards providing MSA students the opportunity to come together and benefit from each others' company as well as from the topics covered at each meeting. I would also aim for variety in the topics covered at the halaqas (by giving high regard to students' suggestions for topics they want to see covered) as well as variety in the speakers present. I would work to invite guest speakers from UK as well as from the surrounding Lexington community if that option is available/possible and host halaqas myself so as to, again, keep meetings consistent. I also could benefit from the opportunity to learn and speak on topics related to Islam. I love speaking and engaging with all that preparing for a halaqa entails (i.e. reading and researching on the topic, learning more from those in the community who are more knowledgeable, and formulating a way to present all the information I've collected in a way that will be clear and iA beneficial for the students attending the events). Given this, I think this position would be a good fit and would afford me the space to continue serving a student organization that's brought great benefit to my own life!